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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Malam Satu Suro

At the beginning of the film, in the middle of a forest, a female ghost who haunts tangible sundel perforated raised from the grave by Ki Rengga, a powerful Javanese shaman to be his adopted son. Javanese shaman said: "Suketi, manuta child, foster child Kowe arep takdadikké." ("Suketi, menurutlah son, I'll make you foster child"). He was then driving a nail into the head sacred Suketi (Suzanna), the curious spirits, chanting mantras and ancient Javanese sundel hole that was to be human again. One day two young men from Jakarta was hunting rabbits in the forest. Bardo Ardiyanto (Fendi Pradana), the hunter, along with his friend today, nearly killing the prey, but was prevented by a beautiful woman, she was curious about her and eventually met with Suketi. Bardo and Suketi instantly fell in love and intend to apply Suketi Bardo. Application was initially rejected by Ki Rengga, Suketi adoptive father, but finally agreed after a request Bardo Suketi sincere and encouragement to adoptive parents. Bardo Rengga follow the terms of Ki, that marriage should be held at the "Night of Suro" (On 1 Sura, new year in the Javanese calendar) in the middle Alas Roban ("Forest Roban") without the presence of anyone except the shaman and the Javanese wedding couple in a scene of ancient Javanese mystical ritual dances accompanied by a fairy.

A few years later and Bardo Suketi with happy family life in Jakarta with their two children, Rio and Preti. Their families also became rich because it is said to marry Sundel Bolong then someone will become rich. One day Joni, a crafty businessman offering business agreement in the office of Bardo, but was rejected because of the dirty tactics. Joni holds a grudge and intend to drop the Bardo. Joni came to Mak Talo, a shaman the other, and knowing that his wife used to be Bardo Sundel Bolong. Mak Talo and Johnny Bardo went home and pulled a nail stuck in his head Suketi, so it turned into Sundel Bolong Suketi back. Bardo night of confusion in Alas Roban-law to meet and know the real background Suketi. Suketi used to be a young woman who committed suicide after being raped and became pregnant, her spirit did not rest in peace and transformed into a ghost of a vengeful Sundel Bolong. After revenge, he later resurrected by Ki Rengga to become his adopted son.


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