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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Malam Satu Suro Suzana

Subroto is a rich man, and he respected in his village. It's just that until he was already twilight, he was not married. Like most people there are like, there are also do not like. For those who like it, will worship him and for those who do not like Subroto said, if parents do one pesugihan this prohibition is to get married. Allegations were true. Subroto bachelor existence is because he adored stealth wolves, where the prohibition is to approach a woman let alone marry her. But as human beings in general, Subroto still need a woman. And he fell in love with Anisa, who owed ​​her money Darminto Subroto. Subroto eventually married Anisa, as well as payment of debt - debt Darminto at Subroto. But on the eve of the wedding turns into a wolf really Subroto to violate the taboo. And the first casualty of the night Anisa. Although later Subroto has become wolves killed Capt. Grace bullet tip.


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