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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ada Hantu Di Sekolah

Trisha, Monika, Arya, Ardan, Upi and Rafael ... since they are friends from junior high. Stepping on their high school together back in a school of choice together. Schools along with the new environment that will provide much color on the way their puberty, or perhaps an unexpected adventure at all.

Starting from Trisha who fell asleep in class and having creepy dreams. Trisha felt terrorized by the ghosts of women who wear school uniforms. As a result, Trisha harsh punishment of Mrs. Ingrid, who is famous for killer teacher at the school. Michael Jackson ordered to clean up the books in the library. Trisha assisted by Monika, Arya, Ardan and Upi.

When clean jokes and girl talk, suddenly appeared a female student ... who barked loudly. Trisha, Arya, Upi and Ardan was stunned. Upi even directly irritated. Monika just did not see. Trisha had seen the woman's looks, though vague and less confident. Similar to the female ghost that haunts and menterornya in a dream. At that, all goose bumps. But Monika was still curious, because he himself did not see it.