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Friday, September 23, 2011

Skandal Cinta Babi Ngepet

Putri (Feli) is the only daughter of a wealthy businessman, Mr. Hasan (Arthur) who has long been a widower. Receiving no love mother, daughter trapped in the pursuit of pleasure free sex sex together with his friends Ryan (Olga) and Chika (Chika).

One day on his way to the villa at the top, their car crashed. Daughter who was unconscious treated by Ridho (Ferry Fernandez), an orphan boy who make a living by becoming motorcycles. Pecintaan inevitable between Puti with Ridho. But their relationship was opposed by Mr. Hasan, who drove Princess from her home.

For the love of Princess sincere diperistri by Ridho. After the marriage turned out to make their economic difficulties brief and misguided path. Appealed to the phantom pig Princess Ngepet in exchange for supernatural beings must be willing to serve them.

At first they were quite successful, on some nights, Ridho turns into a pig and came to the house of the rich to move their wealth. Slowly overcame their difficulties, but the sudden change of fortune that makes the locals suspicious. Will the princess and Ridho akibatperbuatannya conscious?


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