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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kuntilanak Beranak Dalam Kubur

Bimo's hobby is to watch television which contain of horror with a concept that has never existed. Together with Mia, Aline and Bobby they agreed to reveal the story of a missing ronggeng. By the time they will travel to find the village where ronggeng was missing, one of their friends force them to participate. Finally they all agreed to go with them Dea. In the village, no one person will tell you about the events that make ronggeng was lost when they decided to go home, they came to a silent people, who will deliver them to your home ronggeng leaders. Aline's mother was a psychic to see that something wrong happened to Aline. Aline asked her mother for not returning it. Aline tells Ben, but Ben did not believe it. They are still investigating and documenting the dancers ronggeng missing. By opening the house belonging to forcibly ronggeng, they entered. One by one they die and Aline and Mia finally live dancers ronggeng implants cause of death is still embedded in the body of a dancer. As difficult choices happen to Mia and Aline when they wanted to save themselves, whether die with his friends and help dancers ronggeng free of implant and die in peace, or to find a way in and out of the house.


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